One certificate for all cities

Kurazh-Voyage is one gift certificate that can be used in all cities!

You will be able to take a boat trip along the canals of St. Petersburg, rush past the skyscrapers of Dubai and admire the palaces of sultans from the board of a luxury yacht in Istanbul.

The validity of the certificate is 300 days from the date of purchase. Therefore, the person you present it to will have plenty of time to choose where to use it.

Issue a certificate

The certificate can be used to pay for any of our voyages

Our international fleet

Certificate options

Voyage certificate
1 Choose the boat or voyage you want to give as a gift
2 On the checkout screen, click on the gift icon next to the "Book" button
3 After payment, the certificate will be sent to the email address you specified
Certificate for nominal value
Certificate for nominal value
1 Go to the order form below
2 Choose how much you want to give the certificate for
3 After payment, the certificate will be sent to the email address you specified

Issue a certificate for any amount and the recipient will choose the gift!

1. Select a denomination

2. Enter your contact details

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Who to give


The great thing about a gift voucher is that such a gift is always appropriate. Also, you're likely to be invited on a voyage too!

How it works

Choosing what to give

You choose whether you want to give a certificate for an amount or for a specific trip

Give to the recipient

You receive your chosen certificate and gift it!

The recipient uses a certificate

The recipient of the certificate writes/calls us and we help them pick a day and time for the voyage

An unforgettable experience is guaranteed!

The owner of the gift will receive positive emotions, and perhaps even share them with you, inviting you on a voyage of discovery


«День Рождения прошёл на 10 из 10»
Kremlin voyage
«Увидели много интересных мест»
Bosphorus and Golden horn voyage


How long is the certificate valid?
The voyage certificate is valid until the end of the season in the selected city.

The nominal certificate is valid for 300 days from the date of purchase (that's 10 months). You will definitely have time to use it.
Can the certificate be cashed in?
The certificate cannot be cashed in, but you can pass it on to friends :) The main thing is that no one has written personal congratulations on it before :)
What should I do if I bought a certificate for a certain amount, but the recipient chose a voyage that is more expensive/cheaper?
If the value of the certificate is more than needed, the recipient can spend the remaining amount on food. If the value of the certificate is less, the remaining amount can be paid when booking the voyage.
Do you only issue electronic certificates?
We send you a fully printable A4 format certificate via email. You can print it on any (preferably color) printer. There is even a place for pleasant wishes!
How to activate a certificate?
The certificate has a phone number on it. The recipient should either call this number or send a message via WhatsApp, providing a photo or the details of the certificate. After that, we will guide you further!
Is food included in the voyage?
By default, food is not included in the voyage. It can be ordered separately; we will send you the menu options. We do not include food "by default" because everyone has different gastronomic preferences and personal intolerances, so we offer food and drinks individually.

Describe your request and we will make it happen!

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