It's more fun together

We come to Courage Voyage from many different backgrounds and strive to bring talented creative people and teams together around water recreation, whether it's travel, creative projects or new, hitherto unseen ideas - we're interested in everything! We hope you are too. Email us if you'd like to work together and we'll be sure to get in touch.

If you have an idea of any degree of madness, your own boat, a hotel on the riverbank, you're a talented content maker, or just a cool dude with interesting thoughts - tell us about you!

Leave us a submission in the form below and it won't take long for us to respond! We personally read the letters and are very sensitive to all our new friends

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It's more fun together

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If you have a boat or yacht - tell us about your vessel and we'll turn it from ballast into a money-making machine
Do you live by the sea or another body of water and want to show these beauties to others? Tell us about your place and your favourite route, and we will bring it to life together with you!
Food and service
If you've got a cool place and would like to deliver your menu aboard our boats and yachts, drop us a line and let us know
Bloggers and opinion leaders
If you love water adventures, and your recommendation to an audience is more important than a friend request - write to us and you'll soon have something else to recommend!)
Hotels and apartments
If you are the owner of an accommodation facility, be it a luxury apartment in the city centre, or an eco-lodge on Lake Onega - we have to know about you!
Magazines and media
If you cover events in your city and region - write to us. We love collaborations.
Photographers and videographers
We love creators and are always ready to help you realise your projects. And we also have a lot to offer. So if you take photos, shoot video, or organise shoots - email us to let us know you are! We will be grateful)
Event organisers
If you are organising events, meetings, outings, just getting people around you - let us know! We like to use our yachts as a venue and can also offer to create a joint event

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Do you have a brilliant idea but it doesn't fit into any framework? Write!

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